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Is your business still depending on traditional telephone technology to make and receive calls? With several years professional IT consultancy experience in NJ, we often find that businesses who are still depending on traditional telephone solutions, simply aren’t aware of the savings and benefits VOIP.

Usually, this is because NJ VOIP vendors don’t always make it easy for business owners to understand what VOIP actually is. To make matters worse, ‘VOIP Networks NJ’ and ‘VOIP Phone NJ,’ Google searches, often only serve to make VOIP sound even more confusing.

A Simple Guide To VOIP

However, VOIP or, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is actually very simple. What VOIP does, is allow you to make and receive telephone calls via the Internet rather than an independent telephone line. What this means in practical terms, is that businesses can benefit from significantly reduced billing rates.

voip phone systems nj

Getting Started With VOIP

Of course, there are are a number of ways almost anyone can get started with VOIP, services such as Skype being perhaps the most immediately familiar. Businesses, though, usually don’t want to use a computer terminal to make or receive calls. In this case, we offer various business specific VOIP solutions.

We make sure that all the features and benefits which you have come to rely on from a traditional landline service, are ready and waiting for you after switching over to VOIP. You will still be able to make and receive calls exactly like you used to. The only difference will be that your call costs themselves will be dramatically reduced.

For businesses specifically, the savings of switching to VOIP can be dramatic. In this case, if you would like practical advice on how to switch your business, call or contact Prime Support today by clicking here.

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