Vendor Relationship Management

Vendor Relationship Management (in IT) is a term used to describe the process of more intelligently sourcing software, hardware, and services, in order to reduce overall procurement, running and maintenance costs. Choosing the right IT vendor for specific pieces of equipment and building ongoing relationships with software and IT hardware providers, can see businesses just like yours save between 5% and 25% in overall procurement and maintenance costs.

At Prime Support, we provide IT vendor relationship management services which help businesses realize these savings. By building reciprocal relationships between IT vendors and businesses, we are able to provide server space, dedicated cloud infrastructure solutions, IT hardware, and even server and infrastructure colocation services at significantly reduced rates.

NJ Vendor Relationships

Helping You Save While Building Better IT Infrastructure

However, our NJ vendor support isn’t just targeted at helping your business make substantial savings. From computers and networking devices to server colocation services, certain models of IT hardware and software distributions vastly outperform others. In fact, when we start IT support relationships with businesses, we help resolve long-standing issues simply by highlighting incompatible and/or poorly performing hardware and software services.

What our IT vendor relationship management equips your business with, is the ability to make savings whilst only ever procuring services which are directly compatible and will benefit your overall IT infrastructure. This leads to better, more streamlined networking, as well as more streamlined maintenance and reduced system downtime.

At the same time, IT vendors who your business builds relationships with will be able to better serve your specific business requirements. This in itself can be significantly beneficial for businesses which plan to expand in future, and which in this case will need to upscale their IT infrastructure accordingly.

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