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As well as physical IT hardware, businesses depend on a large variety of software suites for their day to day operations. It’s no secret that as well as software licenses being expensive, many businesses struggle to find the best software to use in their business. Prime Support IT is skilled in locating the proper security and productivity to meet our clients needs.

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Providing managed software support, Prime Support IT is proud to provide and recommend high-performance productivity and security software solutions. Using systems like Barracuda and Norton Antivirus, we ensure that your business IT infrastructure benefits from comprehensive protection for all your physical, virtual and cloud-based services.

As well as paid PC optimization tools we also use IT freeware to provide as stable and secure a computing experience as possible. The highest price tag does not always mean the best results, and our firm sticks with what works best.

How Managed Software Support Works

At Prime Support, our IT software NJ services take the hassle out of you having to manually install, upgrade and attend to compatibility issues when deploying new software. We centrally deploy and manage the software which you need from a single central location. If you need to install Microsoft Office on some or all of your employees computer terminals, we can, therefore, do this remotely.

Our aim is to provide you and your employees with as feature rich and productive a computing environment as possible. Managed software support helps us accomplish this by reducing installation times as well as eliminating downtime for any one of your employees work machines.

However, as well as remotely deploying productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, we can also make your businesses main productivity software web based. In this case, you and your employees will be able to access the tools which you need to go about your business from anywhere in the world.

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