Small Business IT Support

Having the right small business IT support is just as essential as IT support is for larger businesses. When things go wrong, either from a security or equipment breakdown perspective, your business needs to be able to depend on fast, efficient and ultimately reliable support, which can get you back up and running as expeditiously as possible.

However, small businesses by nature often can’t afford dedicated in-house IT support. Support staff and systems are expensive. In this case, both small (and in many instances larger businesses also), are slowly discovering the benefits of outsourcing their business IT support requirements.

Small Business IT

The Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

The benefits are simple. From help desk support to essential security maintenance, NJ computer support teams such as ours at Prime Support, can provide your business with full spectrum support services, exactly like those which you would expect from an  in-house IT department.

The only difference of course, is that your company isn’t liable for the staff and running costs of a dedicated in-house IT department. Even better, if you are a small business with plans on expanding, our small business IT consulting services can take away the stress of you having to worry about essential IT infrastructure upgrades.

Further Benefits

Is your business utilizing cloud technology? A further major benefit of our NJ computer support, is that by moving your business IT infrastructure onto the cloud, you can not just benefit from lower overall running costs, but also from on demand access to the latest IT technology. At the same time, whether your business is one or one hundred miles away, you get instant access when you need it, to our IT experts. These are people who are already intimately familiar with your systems and can access them immediately in order to attend to potential problems.

  • Help Desk Support
  • Disaster Backup and Recovery
  • Firewall Installation and Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Email System and Server Management
  • Increased Security
  • Cloud Computing


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