PC and Server Support

Businesses which are in the process of expanding, or who simply can’t afford as comprehensive in-house IT support as they might really require, are often prone to slow and buggy PC and server systems. Poorly networked PCs and essential server infrastructure can subsequently lead to catastrophic security failures, lost data and astronomically high overall running costs.

To make matters worse, most NJ computer support firms operate on a ‘patch and fix it basis.’ NJ PC support often simply centers around firms calling for outside IT assistance for specific problems such as hardware failures and security assistance. Rarely in this case, will IT support companies address underlying system infrastructure problems.

PC Server Support

Prime Support & 24/7 Security Monitoring

At Prime Support we’re different. We help businesses avoid system down time by unifying business PC & server systems and implementing dedicated 24/7 security monitoring. We spot potential security threats before they can manifest into full blown data loss and system down time events.

At the same time, we offer comprehensive backup and data recovery solutions, as well as  dedicated Microsoft server support. Focusing on continually auditing your business for security vulnerabilities, our chief objective is to keep your essential PC and server systems running as reliably and securely as possible, regardless of your business work load or necessary systems up time.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Of course, occasionally the worst does happen. Almost every business will suffer some form of critical IT failure at some point. However, at Prime Support, we work in anticipation of such events in order to help your business recover as quickly as possible, without having to worry about data loss or prolonged system down time.

  • 24×7 security monitoring
  • Antivirus monitoring and updates
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability audits
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