Manufacturing IT Services

The manufacturing industry is a constant frenzy of innovation, competition and as quick as possible product development. However, many manufacturers are plagued by IT support worries. With production lines relying more and more on networking and ever expanding IT infrastructure requirements, manufacturers need to be able to rely on that infrastructure and not have to worry about security issues and full blown hardware and software failures.

Working with large NJ-based manufacturers, Prime Support is keenly aware of how IT issues can affect everything from businesses bottom line to quality control and manufacturers ability to get products on department store shelves in time. It’s simple. You can’t afford to experience critical IT failures and in this case, you can’t afford not to have comprehensive IT support.

Manufscturing Computer Support

Prime Support IT Manufacturing Support

Specializing in manufacturing IT support services, our objective is to stop problems before they start. When you approach us, we carry out a thorough analysis of your existing infrastructure in order to highlight potential performance and security issues.

Once we’ve fixed the above, we start monitoring your network and essential systems on a 24/7 basis. This allows us to remedy potential problems without you even having to dial us for assistance.

Even more importantly, we advise manufacturers on better hardware and software procurement practices. This way our clients benefit from maximized systems performance and reliability.

However, our services don’t stop there. We also offer:

  1. Onsite as well as remote and virtual computer network support.
  1. Hardware & software procurement and upgrade services.
  1. Full security solutions including virus, spyware protection.
  1. Comprehensive support and solutions tailored to any manufacturing operation.


Support That Just Works

Poor manufacturing computer support equals poor output and overall productivity. As a manufacturer, you need IT support from people who make a point of getting to now your network and essential infrastructure inside.

We supply that level support. We see it as our professional privilege to help you keep your production line moving no matter what. In this case, make sure to call or contact us today and lets start talking about your businesses top IT concerns.

  • Help Desk Support
  • Disaster Backup and Recovery
  • Firewall Installation and Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Email System and Server Management
  • Increased Security
  • Cloud Computing
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