Email Server Setup

Whether you are a small business looking to expand or a more established business who has realized what an integral role email plays in your day to day operation, it pays to have a business class email set up managed from your own server.

At Prime Support, we provide hosted exchange services for Microsoft Exchange Servers which integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and provide a wide variety of service and security advantages.

NJ Email Server Management

Security & Guaranteed Up Time

Being one of the most trusted hosted email providers in NJ and NYC, we know that every second that goes by without having access to your email represents loss in new business opportunities. As well as providing superior NJ and NYC email security, we also guarantee a secure system up-time that trumps any other hosted exchange service.

Our Exchange Servers constantly your email through spam and malware filters prior to allowing messages to arrive in your inbox, we help your business eliminate the security concerns which are common among improperly managed software and email servers . Our email services in NJ and NYC can configure your exchange server to prevent spam from clogging up your inbox, or sensitive email data from being intercepted.

Enhanced Training and Support

As well as providing professional and secure email solutions our hosted exchange services we also empower business owners and employees alike through training on how to properly use our systems. We keep your email system simple to use for then end user while hosting a plethora of advanced functionality and add-on features in the back end.

Better Security For Your Clients

Hosted email exchange helps ensure that your email can never be hijacked or used to inadvertently send malicious files to your clients. As well as protecting your inbox, our comprehensive security and spam filters also protect the people who you are communicating with.


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