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Computer Security is a safe way of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer and as technology emerges the need for secure software is essential. Confidentiality, integrity, availability and authentication are all key aspects that are involved with this, along with the smaller yet very important needs discussed below. Prime Support IT has helped engage numerous clients in the NJ and NYC area become more secure and protected though our meticulous steps of prevention. But many face the question of: “prevention from what?”

Malware Removal and Antivirus Software

Has your business come face to face with malware or malicious attempts of data extraction? Are you unsure whether your current antivirus software can even detect all the threats trying to intercept your data? Prime Support IT can help. Our computer security experts have helped numerous clients by ensuring even the latest malware is detected and removed, protecting your business from even the worst threats.

Encrypted Connections and Data

Throughout centuries, humankind has gone through uncountable efforts to encrypt data. In the beginning, computers were used for the military to break cyphers – giving us the ability to have the same functionality for our needs. For the longest time encryption was strictly used for government use but now, more than ever, it is accessible to the public. But why encrypt your data? Well, even the most honest and loyal people have secrets worth protecting whether it is phone numbers, addresses, emails or even notes. Encryption is the sole answer to prevent a third party to gain access to this data that they weren’t permitted to. While encryption sounds tricky, given the right information, anyone you grant can have access. The most important part of this process though is only allowing a certain individual or party the secure key.

Preventative Action

Of course, encryption only works if you follow the steps to maintain its security.

  • Keeping the encryption key a secret and hard to guess by keeping it long and complicated.
  • Storing all private and confidential files and information on the encryption drive.

Though it seems tedious, you wont have to worry about a thing. Prime Support IT protects our clients all the time by handling it all ourselves. As your cyber security team, the only step you as a business owner need to worry about is allowing us to protect you.

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