Cloud Computing Management

The premise behind Prime Support’s cloud server management service is simple and effective. Your business’ chief concerns should be with day to day operations, and not the technicalities of cloud support. This type of IT infrastructure is dependable, reliable, and accessible from any location with an internet connection. As the leading NJ cloud computing experts Prime Support can get you the cloud computing support you deserve. Our NJ cloud computing services provide businesses with a means to relieve themselves of any and all physical IT infrastructure management burdens.

Cloud Computing Experts

Server Colocation

With our server colocation service, Prime Support will house, maintain, and monitor your business’ servers and hardware in a dedicated data center. In this case you benefit from better security, data transfer speeds, and overall server reliability in regard to physical stresses and human error. Even better, you also benefit from significantly reduced running costs.

How Cloud Server Management Works

Our NJ and NYC cloud application services transform your infrastructure into a service which you access remotely from your business or office location. In fact, your computer desktop and valuable data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. We house and manage every aspect of your physical IT infrastructure!

Chief Benefits

The benefits of NJ and NYC cloud computing extend far beyond just better systems up-time and accessibility. If your business expands, you don’t need to worry about new hardware procurement or an increased IT budget. Cloud computing allows the IT infrastructure which you depend on to be easily scale-able. At the same time you and your employees benefit from having access to your IT infrastructure and applications from anywhere in the world.

Even better, your infrastructure is completely physically secure, with backups, maintenance and anti-virus monitoring being carried out regularly on a consistent basis.

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