Why knowledge is the best form of computer security

Internet Safety Tips: How to Avoid Malware

Knowledge on how to safely browse the Internet is the key to protect you from malicious threats. Many believe that if you have some sort of anti-virus, you will be 100% safe. If you think suspicious websites are the only places where malware awaits, you are in for a shock. Malware is hidden and lurks in many corners of the Internet. We often find it the most in places where you’d least expect.

Here is how many often find danger:

  • Yours begin to start your daily browsing by opening up your web browser
  • You then visit a site and something unusual happens:
    • A deceptive link that can be clicked
    • A clickable image that leads you to another page
  • Malware then loads onto your computer without you ever having any knowledge of it
  • At times, simply opening a Web page or email starts the installation process
  • Finally, your computer is now infected and your personal information is at risk

Malware quickly begins its task of stealing your information, which may include credit card numbers, usernames and passwords. Then directing your browser to suspicious websites, changing or deleting your files and slowing your computer to the point of no return.

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An unprotected computer is an open door for Web sites that threaten your Internet safety. Here at Prime Support IT, we are able to offer firewalls that monitor Internet traffic in and out of your computer to prevent online scammers from attacking you. Lets not leave out the constant software and anti-virus solutions we can offer you as well. All our clients get custom tailored software, anti-virus and security to best fit your needs.

We invite you to take advantage our diverse opportunity, extensive knowledge and superb customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a small business or major conglomerate Prime Support IT acts as your valuable business partner.

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